Superficial peelings

Thanks to glycolic acid, the main active ingredient in the Glyco-A range, you can now safely enjoy a surface peel from the comfort of your own home. Glycolic acid is part of the AHA family, more commonly known as fruit acids, and can penetrate deep into the epidermis thanks to its small size.

Multi-action skincare: the skin’s texture is smoother, radiance is restored, cell renewal stimulated while sebum production is regulated, hydration boosted, dark spots diminished and wrinkles smoother!

Our product has a non-comedogenic formula and has been dermatologically tested.
Is it right for me?
Based on formulas developed by dermatologists, cosmetic peels are now finally available for use at home. For people who are no stranger to short nights, hectic days, stress or celebratory eating habits, this cosmetic procedure is for you.

It removes dead cells, which affect your skin tone, by using an exfoliating product to loosen the bonds between cells. This causes a bit of stinging.

Live life to the fullest because radiant skin complexion is now possible!
Advice from a dermatologist
• Do you feel a bit of stinging right after applying the product? This is the skin’s normal reaction to a pH that is lower than that of the epidermis. However, listen to your skin and adapt the concentration of products to your level of sensitivity

• If you would like to combine a night cream with AHA products, wait 30 minutes for the product to be absorbed. If you dilute it in your cream, you may cancel its effects.

• The morning after application, we recommend using sun protection because AHA increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV rays

• Opt for this treatment during cooler months

• See a dermatologist if you have a progressive skin disease or a localized infection

• Certain drug therapies are not compatible with cosmetic peels

• Be particularly careful with ethnic skin types. Always ask your dermatologist

• After hair removal, wait at least 72 hours before using this product
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