Superficial peelings

Thanks to its active ingredient, glycolic acid, the GLYCO-A® range offers your skin the benefits of a cosmetic peel at home in a safe way! Dull complexion, dilated pores, excess sebum, pigmentation spots, wrinkles or lack of firmness: the GLYCO-A range visibly improves the general appearance of the skin.

Better known as fruit acid, glycolic acid is part of the AHA family (alpha hydroxy acids). Due to its small size, it penetrates through the layers of the epidermis to truly exfoliate: elimination of dead cells, stimulation of cell renewal and radiance booster.

We offer a complete routine including a product to cleanse the skin, 3 concentrations of facial peels and one for the body, and finally, a soothing treatment.
Is it right for me?
Do you dream of having flawless skin and a glowing, even complexion? Treat yourself to the benefits of a cosmetic peel at home with the GLYCO-A® range

Inspired by professional formulae, the GLYCO-A® range makes the benefits of glycolic acid available to everyone thanks to a comprehensive, custom-made skincare routine.

Choose your GLYCO-A treatment with optimum glycolic acid concentration for each level of imperfection and each skin type*.

The bonus: its treatment specifically formulated to soothe your skin as soon as you wake up!

*not recommended for very sensitive and/or sensitised skin and pregnant women.
Advice from a dermatologist
Things to know before starting:

• Are you ready to start? We recommend you start with low glycolic acid concentrations and gradually increase to a higher percentage.
• Always cleanse skin gently before applying a peel
• 24 hours before the very first application, do an allergy test with your peel, just inside the elbow.
• The action of AHAs on the skin may cause a slight tingling sensation. This is a normal reaction that should not persist for more than ten minutes. If the tingling lasts longer, rinse immediately with clean water, adjust the concentration to your sensitivity and seek advice from a dermatologist.

• It is essential to use high-factor sun protection for the duration of the treatment and for one week after discontinuing it.
• Do not apply on sensitive or sensitised skin. Avoid multiple types of exfoliation (chemical and mechanical).
• Do not apply a peel within 72 hours after hair removal.
• Do not use if you are pregnant. Do not apply to children under 12 years of age.
• Some drug treatments are not compatible with the peel. Ask your dermatologist for advice when in doubt.
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