Sensitive and dehydrated skin

The Hydractiv® complex, present in all the formulas in the Sensylia range, is composed of 2 technical active ingredients in high concentrations: extract of imperata cylindrica, a plant from the Australian desert that retains water, and a specific active ingredient that increases the skin’s tolerance threshold.

This combination creates a synergy that enables the skin to generate its own water reserves and reduce the feelings of discomfort.

The range includes 2 cleansers, gentle make-up removers, a micellar solution, a jelly and 2 facial moisturizers. The different textures of these products adapt to each skin type and to each beauty routine in order to meet the needs of a weakened epidermis and help the skin overcome external aggressions on a daily basis. Non-comedogenic, these moisturizers also work as an excellent base for make-up.

Relieved, fortified and hydrated, your skin recovers all its radiance! 
Is it right for me?
Dehydrated skin is simply skin that lacks water. Hello fine lines and feelings of tightness! Call in the rescue teams for dull skin tone! However, the real danger is skin sensitivity which can even worsen depending on your lifestyle, environment, or medicines that deteriorate skin hydration.

Because of these factors, your skin needs freshness and skincare products with a creamy and comfortable texture to maintain optimal hydration levels and reduce the feeling of tightness.
Advice from a dermatologist
• By starting to moisturize your skin every day from a young age, you will limit the onset of wrinkles

• Stay away from overly harsh scrubs and cleansers

• Feel free to hydrate your skin during the day if you feel discomfort. You don’t have to limit application to just morning and night

• Properly hydrate your skin no matter the season
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