Affected skin barrier

Xerolan spray contains a unique ingredient that is 100% natural: ultra-purified lanolin.

Praised since ancient times for its exceptional emollient and restorative properties, lanolin provides the skin with all the essential ingredients it needs to repair and hydrate itself.

Thanks to its spray format which makes application very easy and hygienic, you can cover hard-to-reach areas. It is also perfect for calming redness on your baby’s behind.
Is it right for me?
Our skin is a shield, so much so that we even talk about the “cutaneous barrier”. What’s it’s role? To protect us from external germs and bacteria by preventing skin dehydration. It does this thanks to the super powers of lipids (fats), which keep our cells together so our skin is healthy and supple.

If this barrier is affected, our skin suffers the consequences: itching, tightness, severe dryness, eczema, stinging, and even the onset of intense skin crises.

For skin in distress and in need of urgent protection, we have created Xerolan, the 1st skincare product that soothes and repairs skin in crisis.
Advice from a dermatologist
• Apply the spray after you take a shower when your pores are still dilated

• A spray is more hygienic to apply than a cream because it does not need to be rubbed in.
Our minimalist formulas reduce the risk of allergic reactions
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