Xerolan Xerolan

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Soothing repairing emollient spray

Affected skin barrier


  • 150 ml


Xerolan rehydrates your skin, relieves burning and itching thanks to its unique composition of ultra-pure lanolin.

How to use it ?

On dry skin
Use Xerolan in areas that need relief as frequently as needed. The spray nozzle is designed to ensure precise and even application. Do not rub product to prevent bacteria from spreading to treated areas. The bottle can be sprayed upside down to treat hard-to-reach areas (feet, back, etc…).

Easy to carry with you on the go, this product is a must-have for all first-aid kits. It is suitable for the entire family, even infants and pregnant women.

Dermatologically tested
Maximum tolerance thanks to its minimalist composition.

Day Night

Our Clinical Results

Proven efficacy

• Relieves discomfort by 82%*
• Feeling of tightness reduced by 90%*
• 96%* less itching
• 25%** more hydration in only 7 days 96%* less itching

*Clinical evaluation on 22 subjects for 28 days. Half of subjects had eczema-prone skin while the other half had severely dry skin.
** Skin hydration level was measured in 9 patients with a corneometer.

The composition of our product

The list of ingredients used in our products are regularly updated. We invite you to consult the list on our product packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Main Assets

Ultra-pure lanolin*:

Natural asset

Long-lasting hydration / biomimetic action with the skin. Its composition is similar to that of the lipids present in the surface layer of the epidermis.

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