Dry skin. Atopic tendency

Did you know? Caring for dry skin and especially atopy-prone skin requires the use of about 31kg of cream per year, per adult.*
That kind of consumption is far from being trivial as it increases the risk of developing intolerances, in particular for weakened skin.

At Isispharma, we strongly believe that by applying fewer ingredients to these hypersensitive skin types, we can reduce reactions to intolerances and thus aggravated skin.

Guided by that conviction, the SECALIA range only contains the bare minimum. The products have been formulated with trusted ingredients recognised by the dermatological community for many years to guarantee long-lasting safety without compromising on effectiveness or pleasure when applying.
Our Secalia range is the perfect solution for the whole family for a calming, feel-good experience.

All the products in the SECALIA range contain the Nutri-calm complex to repair, sooth and hydrate skin.

* US recommendations
Is it right for me?
Itching, tightness, discomfort, all day long and sometimes at night... Whether you have dry skin, or atopic eczema, the SECALIA range is your ally. It adapts to your skin’s specific needs: for dry skin, SECALIA will soothe discomfort and provide deep down nourishment; for atopy-prone skin, SECALIA ATO will also reduce the frequency and intensity of itching and provide a long-lasting protective barrier.
Advice from a dermatologist
• The best emollient is the one we apply every day to our skin. So why not choose one that feels good! SECALIA ATO Balm has an ultra-light texture and reduces the frequency and intensity of itching. It’s added bonus? It’s immediately absorbed into the skin so you can get dressed quickly!
• TRY TO AVOID SCRATCHING ITCHY SKIN to keep allergens and germs from penetrating your already weakened skin
• CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLOTHING: opt for loose-fitting garments in linen, cotton or silk!
• CLEANSE YOUR SKIN WELL: take showers instead of baths, at a warm temperature, and use the right cleanser for your skin, one free of soap and alcohol. Our SECALIA ATO Shower Cream was specially formulated for atopy-prone skin and is the perfect complement to your daily skin softener.