The Geneskin range is first and foremost the patented DN-ACT complex: this complex has a triple action that addresses skin ageing at the source and slows down the effects of premature ageing caused by your external environment.

Its optimal concentration of carefully selected active ingredients works from inside the very core of skin cells to boost their natural defense mechanisms. You skin is visibly healthier in just a few days.
We do not take skin sensitivity lightly. We guarantee excellent tolerance for all skin types.

Plump your skin, fill in wrinkles, diminish your dark spots with products that have been specifically developed to help your skin reduce the signs of ageing.
Is it right for me?
80% of skin ageing can be prevented!
Pollution, UV rays, tobacco and our environment can have a considerable impact on our skin’s metabolism. In fact, only 20% of skin ageing is linked to biological and genetic processes.

Each person follows their own ageing process and that varies depending on their environment, health, diet, sleep quality, etc... Don’t wait a day longer for younger looking skin and illuminate your face with new energy.
Advice from a dermatologist
• The serum enhances the effects of day and night creams thanks to its formula with a high concentration of active ingredients

• Offer your skin a complete beauty routine: serum, day and night creams for maximum effects and your lifestyle will do the rest

• Excessive smoking can deteriorate the quality of your skin
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