Pigmentation deficiency

Specially designed for skin with depigmentation spots, Vitiskin is an effective response to pigmentation deficiency that stimulates repigmentation.

Thanks to the perfect synergy of 4 active ingredients, Vitiskin protects your skin from oxidative stress and stimulates melanin synthesis, providing your skin with the trace elements and vitamins it needs.

Its airless system effectively preserves the active ingredients, and its hydrogel texture optimizes the absorption of ingredients, guaranteeing optimal results.
Is it right for me?
Often compared to confetti, vitiligo is a skin disorder that results in white spots because your skin does not make pigment. This depigmentation can be localized or generalized.

Although it does not put your health at risk, it does have a very significant psychological impact. It is difficult to treat but effective solutions do exist to repigment your skin with long-lasting results.
Advice from a dermatologist
• Closely monitor your vitiligo and regularly see your dermatologist

• Ask your dermatologist about UVB therapy, but continue to protect yourself from the sun’s UVA rays with an SPF 50+ sun protection
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