Irritated and damaged skin

The Keloplast range offers solutions to repair, soothe and protect your skin. The combination of restorative and protective ingredients has the power to restore the cutaneous barrier of damaged skin and activate renewal of the epidermis.

This range effectively addresses cracks and scar tissue, providing the essential skincare you need during epidermal reconstruction.
Is it right for me?
Cracks, skin irritation, cuts? Healthy skin can become irritated and damaged after a dermatological intervention (peel or laser) or because of a surface cut (scratch, burn...).

As a result of these aggressions, your skin starts the healing process. During this process, your skin is particularly sensitive to external aggressions and must be taken care of and protected so that you can quickly regain supple skin without any marks.
Advice from a dermatologist
• The healing process is a natural inflammatory reaction that can lead to the appearance of dark spots if you do not protect your skin from UV rays during this phase. Therefore, it’s best to use a scar cream with sun protection to prevent scarring marks from appearing

• Don’t wait to repair your skin barrier to limit the penetration of irritants and allergens

• Hydrating the skin all year long increases the skin’s elasticity and suppleness
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